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Home Raised Pigs | Colour V Ranch

Home Raised Pigs

Our pigs are all home-raised with the option to be inside or outside (they are not barn raised).  We sell either weaner piglets or will sell a finished pig for those that don’t have the option of raising their own at home.  These piglets and finished hogs are home grown, all natural, hormone and drug free.

Weaner pigs sell for $120/each at weaning time

Finished Hogs sell for $5.00/lb hanging weight (must be pre ordered)

To order your pig now, or be put on the waiting list please

call  250-296-0186 or EMAIL US

Our first 2 litters are due February, 2016. These will first be available to 4H kids for their Swine Projects, then if any are left they will be for sale. If you would like a piglet, please contact us asap as our list is filling quickly.  Fall piglets can also be arranged, only if pre ordered.

See our Show Ring Page for 4H pigs from 2012!  Thank you again to everyone who purchased a pig in 2012.

Our Sows:

REBA: 2009 Landrace Yorkshire cross.

Reba and her February 2012 piglets eating at 4 weeks old.


Reba and her piggies at 3 weeks old.


Reba and her 14 piglets at 2 days old.  What a colourful bunch they are!  So sweet too.   And Trace holding one of the piglets.


Reba was the start of our pig breeding program.  She is an excellent sow.  She is a fall 2009 pig, and had her first litter in March 2011.  She is very friendly and doesn’t mind her pets from people, and even lets us play with her piglets.  She is the mom of our other 3 sows, we hope her daughters are just as amazing.

 Reba back in February 2011, very pergnant.

Reba with her 2011 litter (she had 14, with 11 surviving) feeding her babies in her crate.

Loretta: 2011 Landrace/Yorkshire/Duroc Cross (daughter of Reba, out of a Duroc Tamworth Yorkshire Boar) Farrowed on March 21, 2012.


Loretta’s colourful litter, she had 9, but unfortunately only 8 lived.  Loretta is an excellent momma too.


Loretta looks alot like her mama.  Here she is in October 2011.


Loretta in June 2011, and at 2 weeks old, and her sitting on the rail of the crate while nursing at a day old. (Born March 11, 2011)

RoseAnne (Rosie):  2012 Berkshire Duroc Cross

Rosie will have her first litter and is due April 22, 2013 (she was bred to Merle).

Our Boar:


Merle, our Boar, in October 2011.

Merle was born March 23, 2011 and is a Hampshire, Berkshire, Duroc cross.


Merle in August 2011, and as a weaner piglet back in June 2011.