2008 Buckskin Dun AQHA Stallion

Boomer has been tested and is officially:

HERDA N/N, GBED N/N, PSSM1 N/N, HYPP N/N, and MH N/N   HORRAY!!  (meaning he does not carry any of these hereditary diseases.)

It is also confirmed, Boomer carries a creme gene (buckskin) as well as dun!!

Boomer no longer stands at stud here, he is on here for reference only.  But we do have a few 2013 babies coming from here for those interested in him.


Boomer now as a 4 year old in April 2012.  He is sure filling in nicely.  He’s such a sweet boy.


Some pictures taken of Boomer at our place in May 2011.


We are leasing/training this beautiful boy, he is owned by Deb Nasby of Lone Butte, BC.

Here is Boomer, back as a 2 year old in 2010.  He has 60 days in reining training by Monte Timmons, and will continue his reining/riding training after breeding season in 2011.


Boomer getting a bath back as a 2 year old, and a close up of his sweet, kind eye.

Boomer is by reining horse Dunit OK, and out of a Doc Boomernic (aka Hickaboom) mare, his bloodlines also go back to Boomernic, Hollywood Dun It, Zans Diamond Sun, Docs Hickory, Zan Parr Bar, Diamonds Sparkle, Majors Manana, Peponita, Peppy San, Sir Quincy Dan, Reminic, Docs Remedy, Mr Gun Smoke, Mr San Peppy, The Ole Man, and more.

He has the makings of an exceptional stallion and we are excited to have him standing at Colour V Ranch.


Some pictures of Boomer and Monte during Boomers training as a 2 year old.


His extended pedigree below speaks for itself:


Dun It OK

(Buckskin Dun. Tested: E/E, A/a, N/Cr, D/D (Homozygous Black, Homozygous Dun PLUS Cream) HERDA N/N. 32 ABRA points. ABRA ROM Dun Factor. 6 ABRA Halter points. AQHA Open Reining Point Earner. NRHA money earner. Reining Horse Assoc. Northwest Reining money earner. 2009 RHANW Novice Horse Open-High-Point Year End (2nd). 2009 RHANW Green Reiner Open-High Point Year End (2nd))

Definitly A Dunit

(Buckskin Dun.ABRA, FQHA, NFQHA. AQHA P-4. NRHA money earned $1,103.14, Champ. NRHA Sagebrush Slide Novice. Co-Champ Eastern Slope Slide Novice. Co-Res Champ.Western Slope Slide Intermediate. Colorful Colorama IBHA Champ Reining Champ All Ages, Champ Aged Stallion, Curcuit Champ & Hi-Pt Open Champ
sire of 10 performers NRCHA money earners & ABRA Halter Pt earner.
deceased February 2009)

Hollywood Dun It

(Buckskin Dun. 88% FOUNDATION. NRHA LTE: $65,808.84 , The 2nd All Time Leading Sire in National Reining Horse history. Hollywood Dun It has broken every National Reining Horse Association siring record. When the 2004 NRHA Futurity came to a close, his foals carried him past the $4 Million siring pinnacle.
Offspring Record:
Registered Foals: 1,178
Point Earners: 482
Points Earned: 10,638
Total Offspring Earnings: $5,438,583.80)

Hollywood Jac 86

(Carried both Cream and Dun gene. 88% NFQHA, 100% FQHA. P-80. NRHA World Champion (1974 & 1975 Non-Pro). Top Ten World Show (1974 Reining Superior Performance. NRHA $6,090. ROM Performance. NRHA HALL OF FAME. NRHA $1 million sire. #1 All Age/All Division Leading NRHA Paternal and Maternal Grandsire)
<br? ia.<p=”” sumner,=”” bowling,=”” mary=”” &=”” john=”” breeder:=””>

Easter King (AQHA H-2/P-4. ROM Cutting. SIRE OF: World Ch Offspring(1),Res World Ch Offspring(4), Sup Halter Offspring(2),Sup Perf Offspring(12),AQHA Champs. Sire of: HOLLYWOOD JAC 86-NRHA leading Paternal Grandsire of NRHA Earners of over a million dollars. EASTER GENTLEMAN-NRHA FUTURITY – Sire Record holder for most Championships won in a single Futurity. 1990- Open Champion, N/P Champion, L/O R Champion With three off spring entered. Sired by King)

Miss Hollywood (Palomino Dun. P-7. Performance ROM. 75% NFQHA. Sired by Hollywood Gold. DAM OF:  NRHA Hall of Fame, Hollywood Jac 86, NRHA $1 Million Dollar Sire, #1 All age All Division Leading NRHA Paternal and Maternal Grandsire, NRHA World Champion,Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, Performance ROM Offspring, Halter Point Earners, Performance Point Earners & NRHA Money-earners.)
Blossom Berry (AQHA H-0/P-1
NRHA $458. DAM OF:
NRHA money-earners &
NRHA Hall of Fame Offspring. 7 NRHA offsp earn: $105608
Dun Berry (AQHA H-0/P-9. ROM Performance. SIRE OF: Superior Performance Offspring (5), AQHA High Point Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners ($13,819 total NRHA moneys earned), ROM Performance Offspring (29), Performance Point Earners (1226.5 total performance points earned) & Halter Point Earners (28.5 total halter points earned) Sired by John Berry.)

Regina Bella (Superior Cutting. NCHA $107,866. NCHA Hall of Fame. 1974 & 1976 NCHA World Champion. 1972 NCHA Derby Champion. 1976 AQHA World Cutting Champion. 1976 High Point Cutting. DAM OF: ROM Performance & NRHA money earning offspring.)

Zans Diamond Squaw

(NRHA $114
Dam of: NRHA $7,364 Canadian RHA Futurity Ch.)

Zans Diamond Sun

(AQHA H-8.5/P-347.5. NRHA $46,616. AQHA 1987 World Champion Open Jr. Reining. 1988 World Show Top Ten (3rd)Open Sr.CR; 1988 4th O Sr. Heading; Superior Performance, 1989 O CR, O HD, O HL; AQHA High Point Performance Horse, 1989 O CR, Sr. CR, O HD, O HL Stallion; 1st Res All-Around Sr. Horse; AQHA Reserve High Point Performance. Half Brother to Shining Spark.)

Zan Parr Bar (AQHA H-245/P-357. AQHA Champion. ROM Halter. Superior Halter. ROM Heading. Superior Heading. ROM Heeling. Superior Heeling. LTE $77,334. 1977 AQHA World Champion 3 yr old Stallion. AQHA High Point Performance Horse, NRHA money-earner, Leading Sire. Although his offspring are known as performance horses, he was the first 3-time world champion halter stallion. Hall of Fame 2010)

Diamonds Sparkle (PERFORMANCE RECORD: Earner of 143 AQHA points in 6 events: 1979 World Show Superhorse (shown by “Sunny” Jim Orr); 1979 World Champion Senior Heading Horse; 4th, 1979 World Championship Senior Reining; 6th, 1979 World Championship Senior Heeling; National Leader in 1978 All-Ages Reining; AQHA Champion, Superior Steer Roping, earning 23 halter, 39 heeling, 28 reining, 31 western pleasure and 22 heading points. Sired by Mr Diamond Dude, by Blondys Dude.)

Major Classy Squaw

(Dam: Perf-Rom NRHA offsp earnings $5008)

Majors Manana

(AQHA H-45/P-22, AQHA Champion, Sired: Perf-ROMS. Superior-Perf, NRHA sire. Grandsire of Major Bonanza.)

Miss Maysville (King, Hank H, Waggoner, Silvertone breeding)

Pepe Rosaria

(Dun. dam of performance pt earner & ABRA halter pts)


(Black. NCHA Money Earner. Placed 6th, North Star Cutting Futurity.)


(Black. P-74. (59 cutting, 15 western pleasure). 1979 NCHA World Champion. 1978 Sr. Show Cutting
1977 Sr. Cutting. 1977 NCHA Top Ten World. 1976 3rd Sr. Cutting
Superior Cutting. NCHA money earner (126,221.04). NCHA COA winner. AQHA Hall of Fame
Sire Of: World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA High Point Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners, NCHA Money-earners, NRCHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners)

Peppy San (H-26, P-180. Perf ROM, NCHA $49,478. World Champion Cutting Horse and sire of world champion cutting horses. Superior Performance. Sire of 221 performance foals. AQHA Hall of Fame and NCHA Hall Of Fame)

Bonita Tivio (AQHA H-8/P-48. ROM Cutting. NCHA $7634.44. NCHA COA. Sired by Poco Tivio.)


Tessa ShowdownShowdown Rick (AQHA H-30/P-12. AQHA Champion. ROM Arena. Sire of: AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, ROM Arena. Sired by Showdown by Wimpy.)

Yolanda Duster (Star Duster and Power Command (by King) bred)

Quincys Rosaria

(Dun. AQHA H-22/P-46(15 Open/7 Youth Halter,43 Open/3 Youth Perf.)
AQHA Champion
Performance ROM)

Sierra Quincy


(Dun. Halter-16. AQHA Ch sire, perf-ROMs etc)

Sir Quincy Dan (AQHA H-20/P-0
Sired 947 registered foals,including 17 AQHA Ch. and 8 World CH. Sired 246 performers. SIRE OF:
4x World Champions, Sup. Halter & Perf., ROM Arena.)
 Sierra Lindy (AQHA Champion, Arena ROM. Dun.)Pistols PepperPistol Punch (Arena ROM Offspring.  Sired by Kings Pistol.)Becky Jo II (Wimpy, Little Joe, Peter McCue bred)


Bamby Bar Boomernic

Doc Boomernic



(LTE $120,000. 1992 NRHA Open Futurity Champion. AQHA World Jr Reining Reserve Champion.
NRHA Million Dollar Sire.
SIRE OF: World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners ($1 Million Dollars NRHA moneys earned), NCHA ($41,385.51 total NCHA moneys earned), NRCHA (moneys earned $126,770.20), ROM Performance Offspring (37), Total Performance Points Earned 3,695.5 AQHA, 189 Per Foals)



(NCHA $81,946. COA (Bronze & Silver). NCHA Futurity Open-5th. NCHA $500 Novice Reserve Champion.
SIRE OF: World Champions, Reserve World Champions, Superior Performers. NRCHA Hall of Fame)

Docs Remedy (Sired by Doc Bar and out of Teresa Tivio. H-1/P-7. NCHA LTE:$47453. 7 AQHA Performance and 1 Halter Point. SIRE OF: AQHA ROM, NCHA Cutting, NRHA Reining, NRCHA Working Cowhorse, CRCHA Snaffle Bit Futuruty Money Earners and Champions. Million Dollar Sire. Awards: COA, Bronze, Silver)Fillinic (H-0/P-4. DAM OF: NCHA Money-earner & Certificate of Ability (Bronze & Silver). Dam of Reminic. The first Horse selected into the NRCHA Hall of Fame. ) 

Docs Leavem Smoke

(AQHA Offspring Record : Total Points Earned: 35.5; Reg Foals: 13; Number Shown: 4; Point Earners: 4; Performance Points Earned: 34.5; Performance Point Earners: 4; Performance ROMS: 1; Total ROM’s: 1; NRHA Offspr LTE: $109,906 Number of NRHA Offspr: 1 NRHA Offspr Avg Earnings: $109,906 AQHA Offspr NCHA LTE: $17,529)

Mr Gun Smoke (NCHA Hall of Fame, NRCHA Hall of Fame, NRHA Hall Of Fame. AQHA Superior Cutting Horse (1968), Arena ROM (71 pts). NCHA LTE: $8476.44, COA. Sire of: AQHA Chs, Arena ROMs, 3 Res World Chs, 5 Superior Perfs incl 1973 Honor Roll and Supr.Ct.Horse. Sire of CRCHA and NRCHA money earners incl Snaffle Bit Fut Champion. Sire of NCHA money earners incl 1972 NCHA Fut Ch. Sire of multiple NRHA Fut Chs incl NRHA Hall Of Fame, Miss White Trash (See Legends Vol 3). Sire of APHA Chs and Arena ROMs.Mr Gun Smoke, foaled 1961, is a splashed white overo. Earner of NCHA $8,476, Working Cow Horse Hall of Fame, 71 Cutting points., all Time Top 60 Cutting Sire of earners of $826,090 and Top 20 Maternal Pattern Grandsire of earners of $4,060,587. Also a Top 25 Maternal Ring/Top 50 Pattern Ring Grandsire and an All Time Leading Ring Cow Horse Sire of 1 NCHA Futurity Champion, 1 NCHA Non Pro Futurity Reserve Champion, 1 NCHA Reserve World Champion, 1 NRHA Year End Open Ring Champion, 3 AQHA Reserve World Champion Cutting & Reining, 1 AQHA Champion, 1 Hi Point Cutting (2048.5 pts.) APHA performers include 1 National Champion Cutting, 1 APHA Champion (195 pts.))


Docs Julie Bar (Sired by Doc Bar.)

Peppys Hickory Girl

(Multiple Superior and Money Earner Producer.)

Docs Hickory

(AQHA H-0/P-42. NCHA $1196.06 COA
AQHA High Point Cutting Stallion. Sired 2047 reg. foals. #4 All-Time Leading Cutting Sire, #6 Leading Reined  Cowhorse Sire, Leading Sire: NRHA, Perf. ROM. His offspring have earned in excess of $17.6 million in cutting, $190K in Reined Cow Horse & 5,892 pts. in AQHA, he sired 16 AQHA Champion and Res. World Champions.)

Doc Bar (AQHA Hall of Fame, SI-75, NCHA Hall of Fame, A Leading Sire and Maternal Grandsire of: World Champion Cutters, AQHA Chs, NCHA Chs, & Arena ROMs)


Miss Chickasha (H-0/P-69 . Won $7367.60 NCHA dollars.)

SantasticMr San Peppy (NCHA Hall of Fame (youngest horse ever enducted), World Champion, NCHA Finals, Superior Performance, AQHA High Point Performance Horse.  Offspring includes World Champions, Reserve World Champions, Superior, ROM, and High point Performance, NRHA, NCHA, and NRCHA money earners. Two-time National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Open World Champion in 1974 and 1976, and AQHA World Cutting Championship in 1976.)


La Fantasia

Taylor Bar Bamby

Grandpa Okie

The Ole Man


(AQHA Race SI-100 AAAT (SW) 33 – 8(2), 4(1), 7(3) $21,156. 1966 RUI 400 1ST Lightning Bar Memorial Handicap. 1966 ALB 400 1ST State Fair Stallion Stakes
1966 LA 350 2ND Vandys Flash Handicap. 1966 RUI 440 3RD Ruidoso Championship Stakes. Full brother to Three Chicks and Triple Chick)

Three Bars (TB) (AQHA Hall Of Fame & AQHA Hall Of Fame Sire. The leading sire of racing Quarter Horses for many years. Three Bars was the sire of 29 AQHA Champions, 4 AQHA Supreme Champions, 317 Racing Register of Merit earners, and his foals earned more than $3 million.)

 Chicado V (AQHA H-0/P-18. Race SI-100 AAAT. ROM Race. (SW)6-3-1-1, $5,215.
1951 Champion Quarter Racing 2YO Filly. Dam of 9 foals, 7 Earning 91.5 Perf Pts & 61 Hlt. Pts. 1 Perf ROM, 5 Race ROM, 7 Stakes Winners earning $119,231. A Leading Dam Of Race ROM. (See AQHA Legends, Vol 5) AQHA Hall of Fame, only dam to produce 5 AAAT runners.)
 Jills Bar BambyNo Payola (sired by Ricky Taylor, by Custus Rustus.)Bamby Bar (AAA/ Race ROM, granddaughter of Leo and Three Bars.)

Cedar Star Lady


Cedar SandBilly SmootJimmy Sandy (Buckskin dun. Chicaro Bill and Jimmie Reed granddaughter.)Lazy PS Star


PalominoShorty Lee (chestnut sired by 2 palominos)Staretha Duster (Palomino)