CV Leo King Chu

2003 APHA Sorrel Breeding Stock Paint Colt

What a gorgeous head.

Here’s Leo at just 2 1/2 months old.  He had a very nice hip and build.

Leo was a ranch favorite by everyone.  He was so big at birth he couldn’t walk under mom’s belly.  He was also born on the other side of the fence as mom was, so he figured we were his mom.  He was a very friendly colt and very easy to handle.  He would have made an excellent ranch gelding.

Unfortunately he died in October 2003, before his life had really started.  Although he is missed by all here, we are sure he is having fun in the pastures of heaven with his old buddy Lou.


                                               Impressive Bar Leo (QH)

                                                                 Dipsy Lee

                       Chatanooga Chu Chu

                        Sorrel Overo

                                                                 Mardelle Dixon

                                                                 Sorrel Overo

                                                Debbie Dixon

                                                Sorrel Overo

                                                                 Miss Blue Sails (QH)


Anchored In Chu

Solid Chestnut APHA Breeding Stock

                                                                 War Mico

                                               Cactus Mico

                                                                 San Bo Belle

                        Cactus Button (QH)

                                                                 King Leo Bar

                                                Ruth Kilebar

                                                                 Flight 4 Ruth

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