Imperial Reign (Deuce)

2005 APHA Grullo Tobiano Stallion

E/e, a/a, D/d, nT

After alot of thinking we have decided to put Deuce up for sale.  We bought him as a package deal with some mares, but we really just don’t need another stallion!  He is an easy gentle breeder (hand breeding), and throws alot of dun and black factor foals as well as quite a few tobianos.  (only 1 foal that was a bay and not a dun).  See below for all his offspring.

Deuce is still young enough to start in the saddle or showing at halter, he is a real eye catcher and perfectly put together.  Or you can geld him, as it’s not too late for that, and he is such a mild mannered stallion that he would be good as a gelding too and you can start riding him.


Both of Deuce’s foals from our mares are on the ground and looking good and healthy (from our mares Pocos Little Blue Dun, and Reys A Lil Two Star).  Also check out the 2 outside beauties he had!!  See below for more info.

 Imperial Reign has the rare silver grullo colour, combined with the Tobiano paint markings which makes him an exceptional find.

Deuce has legendary greats such as Gallant Move, Snipper Reed, Imperial One, Gallant Ghost, Poco Pine, Painted Robin, Painted Skipper, Painted Jewel, Black Bar, Kilobar, King Leo Bar, and Blackeyed Sioux in his pedigree. His bloodlines are full of Champions in Halter, Western Pleasure, Working Cow, Racing, Barrels, Heading & Heeling, Reining, Cutting, Trail, and even Hunter Under Saddle.  His breeding proves to be the All-around, Versatile Champion material we strive for in our breeding program.


Deuce is a fairly big boy standing about 15.2hh and we don’t think he’s done growing yet. He has a big strong hip, perfect conformation, and a pretty head to show top it all off with.
He throws his beautiful baby doll head on every foal, lot’s of colour, and plenty of dun factor.

Deuce’s offspring are consistently “pretty”, very friendly and super easy to handle/train, excellent conformation with huge hips, strong legs/feet and awesome personalities!


Imperial Reign has exceptional conformation (great balance, strong hip, good whither, nice neck, baby doll head, straight legs & strong feet).

Add a super sweet, melt in your hands, quick learning/willing temperament with is awesome pedigree and you have all the attributes for an exceptional stallion.

His colour? Grullo with the Tobiano paint pattern is the bonus.  To learn more about his colouring, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Deuce will be standing to outside mares for a Special Low Introductory Fee in 2010:

Prices are subject to 5% GST

Stud Fee: $500 (registered mares)   $400 (non-registered)   LFG

Booking Fee: $100. (non refundable, to be paid at time of booking.)

Shipped Semen will be available in 2010, fee is as stated above plus collection/shipping fees.

Discounts for 4H

Basic Mare Care: $6.00/dry or $8.00/wet 

Mares brought to ranch are hand bred.

You can still get a registered baby with a grade mare, ask us how.

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Here is Deuce’s extended pedigree: (see below for pictures of his babies)

Reeds Rainey Day

Black Tovero

Gallant Bandit

Black TobianoGallant Move

Bay Tobiano (SI-89/ROM Race, 1986 APHA Champion, 1992 APHA Supreme Champion in Halter & Racing, Versatility Award Winner, Superior All-around award winner.)Gallant Ghost

Bay Tovero (H-68.0 (16xs Grand/8xs Res. Superior); P-167.0; SI-87, ROM Race (15-7-1-1, $1,589.), APHA Sup. Ch. 1979; APHA Supreme Champion 1977; Perf. Versatility award 1979; Supr. All Around 1979, HUS-35.0(ROM); Barrels-14.0(ROM); Heading-10.0(ROM); Hunter Hack-4.0; Heeling-12.0(ROM); Working Cow Horse-3; WP-57(ROM); (SUP;WR-17(ROM), top competitor in all bred chariot racing.)


Peppy Spook Bay Tovero (OPEN SHOW RECORD: H-4.0(1-res)/P-42.0(HUD-2pts; Heading-7pts; Reining-9.0; TR-4.0;WP-16.0(ROM); WR-4.0
AMATEUR SHOW RECORD:P-2.0 (Trail-2.0), sired by Tinkys Spook, goes back to Peppy Tinky Poo, & Joe Hancock.)
 Tinkys SpookBold Farina (AQHA)Ms Move

Sorrel Overo (Producer of champions)Smooth Move (AQHA Race SI-100 AAAT, ROM Race, Superior Race, $16,554. trk record 440 yds. Jerome County fair, (1969 Holder of 2 Track Records). Sire of multiple Race ROM, sired by Rocket Bar.)Precious Way (AQHA, out of a TB, back to Nasrullah, and Chicaro)Pines Blackeyes

Bay OveroPoco Judge

AQHA BayPoco Pine (H-135, P-17, AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, ROM Arena , NCHA $776.11, Points: 10-Western Pleasure, 7-Cutting , 2nd All-Time leading sire of AQHA Champions(36), sired by Poco Bueno, out of Pretty Rosalie, by Pretty Boy)Flame Five (King, Little Joe, Old Sorrel, and Smoky breeding)Blackeyed Sioux

Black Overo (APHA Champion
APHA Youth Champion, 2 X National Champion at Halter, Open and Youth Superior Halter horse, a top show mare in her time.)
Painted Robin Chestnut Overo (1971 & 1973 Natl Ch. Get of Sire, A leading sire of APHA Champions & Show ROMs, Superior Halter Sire, goes back to Leo and Possum)  Buckhorn Sioux (Black Overo, H-2)Ms Snipper Reed

Sorrel TobianoSnipper Rambler

AQHA SorrelSnipper Reed

Dun (AQHA H-26/P-40.5, AQHA Champion, ROM Arena, Race SI-100 AAAT, ROM Race, World Champ, Reserve World Champ Sire, Race Get Money-earners)Logans Bobby Reed (AQHA Arena ROM, H-20/P-24, GET: R/F-64 PERF-20, Joe Reed grandson,  )Shady Dell (dun, 100%foundation, AQHA Hall of Fame Producing Mare, DAM OF: 17 foals, 13 performers, other AQHA CH. OFFSPRING: Poco Dell(1950)by Poco Bueno, Poco Deuce Jr(1954)by Poco Deuce, Poco Pep Up(1957)by Poco Deuce.  Sire is Pep Up.)Quincy Rambler

BayLeo King (sire of ROM race and arena offspring, sired by Leo, out of a King daughter) LeoHelen Lee (sired by Leo)Skipper’s Princess

Bay TobianoPainted Skipper

Sorrel Tobiano (APHA Champion, H-19, P-157. Superior West. Pl. & Trail, An all time leading sire of APHA Champions)Painted Jewel (H-22, P-12, Stood 3 times Grand Champion & 3 times Reserve Champion Halter, ROM in Racing, Sire of Multiple Champions, sired by Jet Dial , going back to Depth Charge, Leo, & Painted Joe.)Clair Skip (sorrel tobiano)Taco’s Mabeleen

Brown SolidHigh River (Black Tobiano)Princess Taco (bay tobiano, Taco Bar, and Star Deck breeding)WS Phoenix

Red Dun AQHA

Imperial Baja One

SorrelShady Escort

ChestnutImperial Bar One

Chestnut (half brother to Imperial One)Sir Quincy Bob (16 Grands, 6 Reserve Championships, 35 Halter Points.
SIRE OF: Futurity Winners, AQHA CH, Youth AQHA CH, Arena ROM, Race ROM, Halter Ch, Sup Halter, Snaffle Bit Futurity Winner.)
Miss Tammy Bar (granddaughter of Piggin String, double bred Barred (by Three Bars)) Piggin StringMiss Super Royalle

PalominoSuper Joe (75%nfqha H-2/P-5, SI 95 $3,543. Sired by Super Charge, also Joe Reed II, Depth Charge, King breeding.)Ja Bar Goldie (sired by Kilobar (sired by King Leo Bar))Arrowheads Bitsy

BayBlacks Baja

BayBar Black (AQHA Champion, superior halter, performance ROM, sired by Steel Bars)Jules Jill Bar (Sugar Bars granddaughter, also Leo and Bert breeding.)Hankins Bitsy (triple bred King)Hankins King (out of King Star (byKing), out of Frogs King mare.)Kings Mint (grandson of King Star (out of King)Hankins King Nugget

Palomino/dunalinoRingo Double King

DunDancing Dandy

ChestnutDouble Dancer (AQHA Race SI-95 AAA, ROM Race-12, sired by a Double Bid (by Double Feature) and out of Lenas Bar (by Three Bars)) Lenas BarStella B StarMabel King Bear

DunMoxie King (out of King Star (by King))Dears Humin (out of Bear Cat (Possum & Midnight breeding.) MidnightSkips Patty Cake

PalominoSkips DosageSkip School Day (AQHA Champion, by Skippers King) Skippers KingBay Flit Miss (Arena ROM, granddaughter of Bar Flit & Ike Rude)Hankins Nugget

PalominoHankins King (out of King Star (byKing), out of Frogs King mare.)Top Misty (Brush Mount, Skipper W, & Question Mark breeding)