JJ Tall Dark N Flashy (Flash)

2010 APHA double homozygous black and white tobiano stallion

also registered with Pinto Horse Association of America


EE, aa, TT


Flash in December 2012, he is such a BIG gorgeous boy.  He is already over 15hh at 2 years old, he’s gonna easily make 16hh I think.

Here’s Flash with his buddy Beau, a stallion 2 years older than him, and he’s already the same size.

Flash’s beautiful guaranteed colour (as he is homozygous for Black, which means NO sorrels or chestnuts, and also homozygous for Tobiano, which means NO solid coloured paint foals) will make an excellent match with any mare.  Flash is a maternal brother to Painted Coos (Coos has earned several points in APHA & PtHA halter and color classes and has been high point stock stallion several years and CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS tobiano color horse!  He has earned his ROM in halter and color and is nearing his ROE awards.  See below for pictures)


Here’s Flash out in the pasture in June 2012.  He’s a hard one to get a picture of because he keeps walking up to me.


This is Flash’s 3rd ride.  He is so naturally athletic that he is doing cross overs on his own!  Can’t wait to really see what he’s got next year.



Flash’s first ride.  He took everything very well and did good.  He had 4 rides and now has been turned out on pasture until the fall.


Myself on Joker snubbing Theresa on Flash for his first ride.  The lookalikes make a nice pair of horses.



Flash is such a beautiful mover, he just floats!  Here he is with the saddle on for the first time, May 2012.


Here is Flash with his look alike, my gelding Joker.  Winter of 2011/12.


Flash in the muddy corral during a wet spell in July 2011.

Flash is a grandson to the great Bonnington Express, also he carries the bloodlines of these greats:  Sky Bug Bingo, Sonny Dee Bar, Otoe, Old Tom Cat, and Par Three to name a few.  We look forward to standing him as one of our stallions in the years to come.

He doesn’t have alot of white on him, but he sure is flashy looking, and will throw all kinds of colour.  Both Flash’s dam and sire are also double homozygous for the black and tobiano genes.


Pictures of Flash after a bath at his old owners place.

His extended pedigree below speaks for itself:


Specialist in Colour

15.1 hh Double Homozygous black and white tobiano APHA stallion

Champs Reflexion

15.3hh 2000 Double Homozygous Black and White Tobiano

Expecta Champion

1995 Black TobianoCDs Expectations

1991 Black TobianoRum Smuggler (1986 Palomino Tobiano)CD Black Dutch (1984 Black Solid APHA. Poco Dell, King, Go Man Go breeding.)Mistress Murphy

1978 Black TobianoColored Boy Murphy (1965 Bay Tobiano. Going back to Preacher G, Old Sorrel, Chubby, and Peter McCue foundation Quarter horses.)Barbaras Girl (1957 Palomino AQHA. Sired by Chubby Nuggets H (sired by Chubby).)

Snickers Pride

1990 Black Tobiano



1982 Sorrel Tobiano

Sky Bug Bingo (1972 Sorrel Tobiano. 10- 0- 1- 1, $720.90. 53-H, 81-P. APHA Supreme Champion. APHA Champion. National Champion Get of Sire. Resv. National Champion Get of Sire. Superior Halter. 16- Cutting, ROM. 15- Western Pleasure, ROM. 14- Hunter Under Saddle, ROM. 13- Reining, ROM. 12- Racing, ROM. 11- Barrel Racing, ROM.
SIRE OF: 17 World/National Champions, earners of 11687 points. 29 APHA Champions. 12 Versatility Champions, etc.)

Thermo Foxy Lady (1975 Red Dun AQHA. Bloodlines of Power Command, Sugar Bars, Pretty Buck (by Pretty Boy), Yellow Jacket and Preacher G.)Oil Painters Pride(1976 APHA)Leos Oil Painter (1972 Bay Tobiano. Carrying bloodlines of Croton Oil, Leo, Wimpy, Bill Cody, and King a few times.)Silvers Sister (1968 Sorrel AQHA. Skipper W, Bill Cody, Question Mark bred.)

Sky View Dotty

2000 Double Homozygous Black and White Tobiano.

Jingos Dark Gringo

1993 Black Tobiano

Fleet Jingo


1985 Black Tobiano, 15.2hh. Herd sire for Joe Saville at Lodge Creek Ranch, Consul, SK.Silver Stars Jingo (1980 Chestnut Tobiano. 7 halter points: 1 pt in Grand Champion halter 6 pts in Halter. Sired by CW Silver, Breeding of Johnny Dial, King, Leo, By Jingo, War Admiral, Old Sorrel, and more.)

Blackies Fleet (1981 AQHA. Bloodlines of Poco Pine, Barred, Star Duster, Chubby, and more.)

Dandy Midnite Star


1983 AQHA

Flos Dandy Son (1978 Black foundation QH. )

Mrs O Garney (1973 QH. Top Deck, Leo, Three Bars, King Plaudit, Joe Bailey breeding.)

Sonnys Request

1985 Black Tobiano

Sonnys High Life

1981 Sorrel Tobiano. Western Pleasure Points Earner.

Sonnys Night Shade (Bay AQHA, Sired by the great Sonny Dee Bar. Also bloodlines of Chigger, Coys Bonanza, and Wimpy.)

 Sonny Dee Bar

Millers Hy Life (1975 Sorrel Tobiano. Bloodlines of Jet Dial, Pretty Boy, and Three Bars.)

Ole Mans Lady Whiz


1975 AQHAOle Mans Request (1968 Sorrel. Sired by The Ole Man, and out of a Little Request/Roan Bar mare.)Ginger Bruce (1965 QH. double bred Whizaway, also Three Bars breeding.)


Lances Flashback

1992 15.2hh Double Homozygous Black and White Tobiano APHA mare

Bonnington Express

(1986 Bay Tobiano. 15.2hh, 1200 lbs. HYPP N/N. Sire of multiple futurity winners and money earners in Halter, Lunge Line, Pleasure, and Reining. Bay Tobiano)


Bar G Impressive

1979 AQHA 

Taylors Impressive


1976 Sorrel AQHA H-33 HYPP N/NImpressive (1969 Sorrel 15.1hh. World Champion Halter, H-48, #4 AQHA All-time leading sires by # of registered progeny: 2,250 Registered Foals. Total Points Earned: 24,602.5, AQHA Halter List: #9 All-time leading sire of Halter ROM qualifiers (43). AQHA Performance List: #19 All-time leading sire of Performance ROM qualifiers (89)  #13 All-time leading sire of AQHA Champions (21), Sire of World Champion Halter horses)


Otoes Jo Tone (1970. Otoe and Doc Bailey grandson.)Bar G Mia Lin

1973 BayOtoes Gent (1965 Sorrel. 27 Halter Points. Sired by Otoe (AQHA Champion Superior Halter, by Sugar Bars), also bloodlines of Leo, King, and Waggoner.)

 OtoeCold Night (1952 Bay. Double bred Midnight Jr.)

L & M’s No Flash

1977 Black Tobiano

Hydro Flash Cat

1968 Bay Tobiano. 14.3hh

Tom Cat Twist (1963 Chestnut AQHA. Sired by Old Tom Cat (AAA SI-95). and out of a daughter of Chief Dun.)Old Tom CatHydro Flash (1961 Buckskin Tobiano.)Peggy Pan


1963 Black TobianoPeggys Lad (1960 Sorrel AQHA Sire of ROMs in Race and Arena. Leo grandson, and Waggoner on the bottom.)

Bonnington Peggy

1986 Brown Tobiano

L&M’s High Socks

1979 Black Tobiano

Hydro Flash Cat

1968 Bay Tobiano. 14.3hh

Tom Cat Twist (1963 Chestnut AQHA. Sired by Old Tom Cat (AAA SI-95). and out of a daughter of Chief Dun.)Old Tom CatHydro Flash (1961 Buckskin Tobiano.)Peggy Pan


1963 Black TobianoPeggys Lad (1960 Sorrel AQHA Sire of ROMs in Race and Arena. Leo grandson, and Waggoner on the bottom.)

Bonnington Sadie

1981 Bay AQHA

Par For Three


1978 Sorrel QHPar Three (1962 Sorrel – Sired by Three Bars. Superior Halter (1969-Open). Earned: 21 Halter Wins; 52.0 Halter Points; 1 Halter Superior Award; Sired: 12 Grand Champions; 11 AQHA Championships, 6 AQHA World Championships, 8 Superior Halter, 8 Superior Performance, 1 AQHA World Reserve Champion, 1 Race Winner, over 4000 points in Halter and Performance.)


Miss Lightening (1957 Sorrel QH. King, Chubby, and King Plaudit breeding.)Barbie Three Socks

1970 Brown AQHALo Ho Jr (1964 Black. Grandson to Hobo on the top, and Royal King bred on the bottom.)Barbara Covella (1965 Brown. Grandson of Moon Hancock, and Pelican, My Texas Dandy, Joe Hancock, and Chicaro Bill bred.)


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